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One of the top agencies in the Southeast United States, Barger Group is ready to help your business, or your family, find the solutions that are best for you no matter your needs.


Help make sure that your family and your property are protected with personal insurance offerings. We partner with a wide range of companies to make sure that we are able to offer the best rates to our customers.

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Made specifically for businesses and their needs, commercial insurance policies range from commercial liability insurance to landlord protections and workers’ compensation.

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Work with our resourceful team to manage your company’s risk, employee benefits, payroll and much more. Our business consultancy services go far beyond insurance.

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The Barger Group has been handling my family’s personal insurance for more than 20 years and our commercial side for over 14. To say they go above and beyond to take care of us is an understatement. They look out for us like we’re apart of their family and they are there day or night when we need them.

Cassandra Honaker, Millennium Auto Collision Repairs, LLC

The Barger Group has been a wonderful resource for our family. We have our homeowner’s policy with them as well as our auto and life. They found us the best rates and are the easiest team to work with. They save us time and money.

I run a small business but I still have big goals and the Barger Group helps me realize them. Working with their risk management program has really helped me to eliminate unnecessary pitfalls and help me focus on real, attainable progress and growth.

The Barger Group is my go-to phone call no matter what is going on with my business. They aren’t afraid to pull in resources to help me make the best possible decisions. They even called in their own attorneys once to help make sure that my business was covered.

When we had to file a claim on our homeowner’s policy, our Barger Group agent was right beside us through the whole process. They were really invested in making sure that our claim was processed quickly and correctly. They even helped us find a reputable contractor to make the repairs to our home. Life was back to normal faster than I could’ve imagined, all because of our agent.

Barger Insurance goes above and beyond. Jeff and his team are very knowledgeable and provide exceptional customer care. Barger Insurance provides the peace of mind that we have the best coverage at a reasonable cost and allows us to focus on running the business.

April Painter, Burk Consulting

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